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I provide high quality, bespoke furniture that is designed to last a lifetime. All of my furniture is built to order, so each piece is unique and crafted with attention to detail. I use only the finest woods and materials, so you can be sure you’re getting a piece of furniture that is both beautiful and built to last. I specialise in custom designs that fit your exact needs and style, and I’m always happy to offer advice and suggestions to help you create the perfect piece. Whether you’re looking for a one–of–a–kind piece or something to fit a specific room or style, I’m here to help.

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As an Architectural Joiner, I specialise in the design, fabrication, and installation of custom woodworking products for residential and commercial applications. I use the latest techniques and highest-quality materials to craft custom windows, doors, staircases, millwork, and other architectural elements. I have worked on many projects over my decades of experience in creating custom designs that are both beautiful and functional. We can work with you to develop a design that perfectly meets your needs, or we can suggest products that have been used in similar projects. Our services include onsite measuring, fabrication, and installation. 

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We provide a comprehensive suite of products designed to cater for your loved ones, from urns to memorial artifacts to grave frames. We design and make all of our urns for burial, columbarium walls, and for keeping in your home.

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One of the most enjoyable services that we provide is restoring vintage and antique furniture to its original condition. My services include re-building, re-finishing, and re-upholstering furniture, as well as creating custom designs inspired by classic and traditional styles. I focus on quality craftsmanship and use only the best materials, so that each piece I create is unique and of the highest quality. With years of experience, I'm dedicated to creating pieces that will last a lifetime and be cherished by generations to come.

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