Relinquere is the Latin term translated in English meaning to relinquish to leave behind. Relic a word we’re all familiar with is also a derivative of Relinquere. When a loved one departs it is a time of great loss and pain. Death is a time of change for all, it is both an end and a beginning a time to reflect on the past life of our departed loved ones and for their children and grandchildren to carry forward their timeless legacy to harness the gifts passed forward with hope and confidence enabling new beginnings and regeneration of endless possibilities and innumerable futures, gifted from them to us through their circle of life

Our Relinquere Collection are our own unique designs hand crafted, using themes, symbolism and metaphor to celebrate the memory and final resting place for your loved one and to inspire hope with confidence for the future. When you select an artifact from our range you are receiving a product without parallel for in each and every piece there resides honesty, truth, integrity and humility, the soul of the craftsman a fitting tribute to the soul of your loved one.

A Celebration of Life

“In my end is my beginning” T.S. Elliot