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Urn Description - Voyage

We are all of us on a voyage and for this piece we use the Cube as theme.

The Cube a three-dimensional square represents all stages of the circle of life, is a symbol of stability, balance, perfection, permanence and as the truth, all things that we seek to aspire to throughout a meaningful life. It is commonly thought of as the counterpart of the sphere, our planet often referenced to as the four corners of the world. While we hold that the individual life is ifnite using the cube as metaphor for permanence and truth we can see that this is so for humanity through our children and grandchildren.

Our Voyage cube is placed on a raised base of Wenge to symbolise the solid underpinning strength and beauty of Mother the foundation of all life, the shadow gap to the cube above represents the warm comforting dark embrace of the mother’s womb. The cube’s symbolism then reflects the life of the individual aspirations of stability, balance, perfection and truth of a life lived. Wenge representing mother is selected to convey strength, dark depth of love and lustrous sheen, elegance. Rosewood most beautiful and rich represents the richness of the gift of life lived in contrast with the White Maple interior signifies the light of infinite dimensions.

Also available in rich Cherry and Walnut versions and various sizes.

Urn Information

“Though suffering and chaos befall us, they can never quench that inner light of providence.” John O’ Donohue

The Voyage is part of our Relinquere Collection.

Our Relinquere Collection is our own unique designs handcrafted, using themes, symbolism, and metaphor to celebrate the memory and final resting place for your loved one and to inspire hope with confidence for the future.



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