QUAKER HISTORY – Clonmel is one of many locations in Ireland that had a strong association with the Quaker movement. The Quaker connection with County Tipperary, Ireland lasted from their arrival in 1665 to the closure of their last meeting house in Clonmel in 1924. Although never exceeding five hundred members at any given time, they contributed greatly to the economic life of the community. They aspired to live simply and plainly, be honest in their dealings and industrious in their ways. They opposed violence of any kind and were always to the forefront in promoting charitable causes. In recognition of the Quaker movement their contribution and values we have designed two urns to reflect these values which are as relevant as ever in our society today.

Quaker A


Our first offering reflects the Quaker ethos of simplicity yet elegance with minimal clean lines the proportions derived from the side and diagonal of a square known in mathematical terms as the (square root of 2) an irrational number of 1.4142…. We use this irrational number or ratio 1:1.142 as proportion and metaphor. The no.1 being rational or ordinary, to depict the general public of the time and 1.142 the irrational as alternate, different, representative of the Quakers philosophy of showing courage in deriving their own value system and living accordingly.

Available in Ash and Beech or as requested and hand finished in a polywax.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 27.5 × 20 × 14 cm
Cubic Capacity


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