Personal Cremain Keyring


Burr Elm Keyring Keepsakes.

Burr Elm is a growth like crustation or wart like shape on the Elm tree. It is this Burr that gives it, its unique beauty.

We Provide personal keyring keepsakes for all family members to have that special remembrance relic on their person always. Our keyrings are designed to hold a small quantity of creamains and are, hand produced and finished in a natural beeswax to enhance the lustrous natural beauty of Burr Elm. We select only the finest age old specimens acquired over almost half a century in woodworking to honour your loved ones memory. In selecting from our Burr Elm stock you are selecting a Wood that has a life span of Hundreds of years  and is symbolic of unity, love and protection from evil. A perfect gift for all the family.

Elm in Mythology

In Celtic mythology, the elm tree is associated with the Underworld, said to grow close to passageways that lead out of our Earthly realm, and into the Underworld. The Celts believed that the wych Elm in particular protected the dead in the passing from one Realm to the Next.

Elms was widely used in Coffin making in bygone times as it possesses excellent weatherproof qualities.



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