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Yew Keyring keepsakes

The Yew tree in mytgology

A Druid priest, as chief medicine man of the Celtic tribe, is said to have sat under the sacred tree and dispensed wisdom and justice. 'Slips of the yew, cut at the eclipse of the moon' were thought to convey powers of healing and to preserve the dead body for everlasting life.

We Provide personal keyring keepsakes for all family members to have that special remembrance relic on their person always. Our keyrings are designed to hold a small quantity of creamains and are, hand produced and finished in a natural beeswax to enhance the lustrous natural beauty of Yew. We select only the finest age old specimens acquired over almost half a century in woodworking to honour your loved ones memory. In selecting from our Yew species you are selecting a Wood that has a life span of up to 3000 years and is symbolic of eternity. A tree that adorns graveyards throughout Ireland and is one of our only native softwood species. The Yew came to symbolise death and resurrection in Celtic culture.  For many centuries it was the custom for Yew branches to be carried on Palm Sunday and at funerals.


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