Elegance 2


Walnut Urn with lambs tongue panel on top with contrasting Maple legs. Contrasting materials are employed allowing the woods to highlight equality and diversity. Both are equally beautiful materials with contrasting colour and personalities. Walnut is easily worked with keen edge and liking all applications of the craftsperson's hand throughout the making process. Maple in contrast is feminine in personality requesting thoughtful respect of the craftsperson, responding splendidly to razor-sharp edges and can be polished from the plane iron as it does not like abrasive materials only accentuating ones in the finishing process. A material that will highlight the craftsperson weaknesses if not respected, a most beautiful elegant ladylike wood.

This Urn is most suitable for keeping in the home. Materials Walnut and Maple and hand finished in a polywax.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 29 × 22 × 14 cm
Cubic Capacity


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