Q. What size urn do I require?

As a general rule of thumb, for every pound of body weight will equate to 1 cubic inch of cremains. As an example, if a person weighs 12 stone then multiply 12 by 14(pounds) and this will give 148 pounds, therefore the urn size should have a minimum capacity of 148-150 cubic inches.

Can we request a wood of our choice?

Yes we will endeavor to provide an urn in the wood of a clients choosing subject to availability.

How Do I know if I am using kilograms in relation to body weight?

If using kilograms then convert kg to pounds by multiplying kilogram weight. As an example 67 kg to pounds multiplied by 2.2 (pounds in a kilogram). This will give the pound equivalent e.g. 147.4 pounds therefore urn size should have a minimum capacity of 148-150 cubic inches.

What If I Don’t Receive A Parcel?

Please call us and we will endeavor to provide a solution

Can an urn be produced to hold the cremains of two family members in order for both to be interned at the same time. ?

We can provide double urns to clients’ requirements in a range of sizes, shapes, and cubic capacities to hold both.

What About Order Refund & Returns?

Pease read or returns and refunds policy for further information

Can we order and urn and family keepsakes together.​?

We can supply an urn and personal keepsakes together for any number of family members.

Do you offer a bespoke service for one off designs.​?

Yes, We can work with a client to offer bespoke design solutions