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Handleless Kitchen. In this series of videos I undertake the Design and making of a complete Bespoke contemporary kitchen unit.

Project Overview: Making Solid Ash Kitchen Cabinet Doors

To create handless kitchen cabinet doors using solid Ash wood, which will be sprayed with an undecided color.

Materials Needed:

  1. Solid Ash wood for the doors.
  2. Carcass material for the kitchen units.

Project Stages:

  1. Planning:

    • Measurements and cutting lists for the kitchen units are done.
    • Carcass material is ordered.
  2. Material Preparation:

    • Cut the solid Ash wood pieces to required lengths.
    • Surface the wood on the surfacer.
    • Thickness the wood on the machine.
  3. Assembly:

    • Split the prepared wood into sections for rails, styles, and panels.
    • Assemble the rails, styles, and panels to create the doors.
  4. Finish:

    • Ensure all doors are properly assembled.
    • Prepare the doors for spraying.
  5. Spraying:

    • Apply the selected color to the doors using a spraying technique.
  6. Finalization:

    • Inspect the sprayed doors for a smooth finish.
    • Attach the doors to the kitchen units.


  • The design is simple and handless for a modern look.
  • The choice of solid Ash wood adds a quality finish.
  • The spraying stage allows for customization of the color.
  • Follow safety guidelines and use appropriate tools for each stage.

Tip: Take your time during each stage to ensure precision and quality in the final product.


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