Tuam/Mayo Chair complete.

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In this clip we show the chairs prior to and after Retro Revival.

Chair Restoration Project Overview:

  1. Introduction:

    • Restored Mayo Tum chair, originally made in the 60s.
    • Chair design dates back to the 1830s.
    • Commissioned by WB for Tower House renovation in 1918.
  2. Current State:

    • Completed restoration to the original state.
    • Cardboard used for demonstration.
    • Standard Trestle type with distinctive features.
  3. Repairs and Enhancements:

    • All repairs done, including poly oil finish for durability.
    • WY wedges inserted for a decorative and firm look.
    • Original DS used where available; new DS added where needed.
    • Base rail reinforced with Wendi wedges.
    • Carver highlighted with WY wedges and clean, polished appearance.
  4. Functional Features:

    • Trestle design with toss ton and scallop on the back.
    • Chair designed for easy lifting and movement.
  5. Solid Construction:

    • Joints reinforced with WY wedges.
    • Wedges on the bottom spigot for added stability.
    • Carver section also includes WY wedges for reinforcement.
  6. Future Plans:

    • Measurements taken for future chair replication.
    • Planning to create a new set in Nordic Pine.
    • Current chairs made with durable African Timber.
    • Aim for the new set to be structurally sound for the next century.
  7. Conclusion:

    • Chairs are now structurally sound and comfortable.
    • Original and new elements combined for a cohesive restoration.
    • Anticipated longevity for future occupants.
    • Excitement for upcoming projects with Nordic Pine.
  8. Final Note:

    • Appreciation for viewing the completed chair restoration project.
    • Looking forward to future endeavors.


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